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Organisation Structure

All the member owners are part of the General Body, which meet once every year to discuss issues, find solutions and share their experiences. Apart from being an integral part of the general body, the artisan members have elected representatives who constitute the managing committee. At present the management committee consists of 49 members, who meet every quarter. The quarterly meeting is an open forum for discussions and helps in deciding on various issues of concern.

The members of the managing committee play a very crucial role in the day-to-day functioning of Sadhna. These managing committee members or group leaders have at least 10-15 women members under them. The main role of the group leader is to co-ordinate with its members at field level, production center in terms of quality, production, delivery and deadlines. These group are a vital link between the center and the artisans. They are also responsible for the quality of work that is delivered from the field.

Apart from the managing committee, two of these artisans are also a part of Sadhna, Board of Trustees. These are elected members from amongst the managing committee members. They are active participants at the Board meetings, which are held twice a year. Sadhna believes that such representative structures add value to the organizations operations and decision making, apart from empowering the women themselves.


In 1988, Seva Mandir conceived and set up its patchwork program with 15 women, to help them combat the draught and with the aim to provide these women with an alternative means of income generation. Sadhna after years of low production and low sales finally moved into commercial viability in 1999-2000. On 10th of December 2004, Sadhna was registered as an independent entity, a women’s artisan’s enterprise listed under the Mutual Benefit Trust Act.