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Today Sadhna’s artisan strength can be counted upto 697 women members and groups in rural as well as urban slum belts of Udaipur. These active members comprises of women tailors trained at the center, artisans working in the villages, and the press group. Sadhna provides employment to these women and operates in the following villages:

Delwara: This village is located about 27 kms from the main city and is one of the oldest and active group. The group is a combination of women from the socially backward and minority community area. There are 13 group leaders from the village who are a part of the Sadhna’s managing committee.

Madar: Sadhna’s rural group formed alongside Delwara in 1989. It is one of the oldest groups, yet has not grown much as Delwara, mainly due to agriculture being a vital part of the members livelihood in the village.

Sheeshwi: Located about 45 kms from Udaipur, this village falls in Girwa Block. It was formed in the year 2000 and has 54 active member artisans in the village.

Pula: Pula groups were formed in the year 2000 and then again in the year 2005. Pula is located on the city itself and falls under a basti settlement. It has strength of 82 members.

Ratekhet & Manoharpura: Both the groups are located in the slum areas of the city. These groups were formed in the year 2003 and consist of 53 and 36 members respectively. Ratakhet constitutes of women belonging to socially backward community similar to that of Delwara and Manoharpura has an usual mix of migrant women members from Bihar.

Kharol Colony: This group is barely 2 kms from Sadhna head office and was formed in 2006, presently with a total strength of 19 members.

Khanjipeer: The most recent addition into Sadhna’s member artisan list is the Khnajpeer, formed in the year 2007. This group consists of members from the minority community and is located in the city itself. The strength of this group is 27 members.


Sadhna is supported by a team of highly skilled and experienced team of women artisans. The artisan strength of organization is 697 women, that belongs to different rural and urban slum areas of Udaipur. These artisans are skilled in the craft of appliqué and running stitch or tanka embroidery. All the artisans are member owners of our organization. They represent the organization at various levels of decision making and also have shareholdings of the annual surplus that is generated by the company.

These artisan members have elected representatives who constitute the managing committee. The Management Committee consists of 49 members, which plays a crucial role in the day-to-day functioning of organization. The main role of the committee is to co-ordinate with its members at field level, production center in terms of quality, production, delivery and deadlines. They are a vital link between the center and the artisans, and are also responsible for the quality of work that is delivered from the field.

Sadhna is supported by the Board of Trustees, which consists of various well known names of the realm. In addition, two member artisans are also a part of the Board, who are elected from amongst the managing committee members. They actively participate in the Board meetings, which are held twice a year.